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First Chaplain Scholarship Recipients

The first ELCA Fund for Leaders Federal Chaplaincy scholarships are awarded to Army 2LT Ashley E. Allinger enrolled at Luther Seminary and to Army 2LT. Nicholas D. Schmidlin enrolled at Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago for the 2016-2017 academic year. Ashley receives a $2500 award and Nicholas receives $1500…[more]

How Do You Answer this Question?

The main purpose of this website is to help support congregations in their ministry to military veterans and the ELCA Federal Chaplaincy that encompasses the military, veteran hospitals, and federal correctional facilities. A key area of this support is direct help to folks in our pews and neighborhoods who may need additional attention due to the stress of their vocations on our behalf. Chaplain Aaron Fuller, an ELCA Navy Reserve Chaplain, currently on an active duty deployment, shared recently a perfect example of this need for direct support from our congregations. He asks a question that can only be answered by us. Read it in Chaplain Fuller’s words…[more 

Two Stories of Reconciliation in Suicide Prevention

Michael_Phelps_Rio_Olympics_2016September is Suicide Prevention Month. This is a serious challenge for our returning veterans and American population in general. This ministry is life and death daily. Two stories of depression and actions shared by Michael Phelps (yes, the all-time Olympic star) and Mariel Hemingway (yes, granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway) are here for your reading and learning…[more]



Prayer Books by Land, Sea, and Air

seaPrayer books keep flowing in from generous congregations for chaplains worldwide. At sea comes a grateful testimonial from an ELCA Navy Chaplain. “Today we had a RAS (Replenishment At Sea) where we come along side of a supply ship that has our mail, and food, supplies, parts, and fuel that we will need to stay out here. They steam along a straight course, we pull alongside and match their speed. Then they shoot over lines, which pull over other lines, which then pull larger lines, and on those we get the fuel hoses that give us more fuel…” [more]  

God’s Work, Our Hands 9-11 Sends Prayer Books

     The 9300 congregations of the ELCA celebrated God’s Work, Our Hands with a 9-11 theme in a variety of ways. Some chose to do so with an emphasis on honoring military troops. Take Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in Banning, California.       

     Our Savior’s did a service project for troops overseas on Sunday, September 11, in place of their regular worship schedule. They held a Prayer Breakfast, followed by organizing supplies, thank you cards and coupons, as well as collecting donations for “The Prayer Book of the Armed Forces.” This was a joint project with Congregation Shalom Bayit and the Hmong Christian Alliance who use the facilities at Our Savior’s, along with Pass Area Supporting Soldiers and the Banning High School Key Club. Pastor Paul Scheitlin says the ecumenical effort to include the prayer books met with equal enthusiasm across all three congregations. It’s a resource all can find useful for troops.

      The Armed Forces Prayer Books continue to pick up in popularity with congregations seeking to support service personnel around the world with a spiritual resource that carries them through all situations they encounter. The book is already in its fourth publication. See tab “Prayer book” on this website for more information on how your congregation can get involved in this ministry.

Many different support to veteran ministries are springing up across the nation among ELCA congregations and synod offices. This website will attempt to recognize these efforts as information is sent to Pastor Scottie Lloyd at PastorScottie@LCOSavior.org .