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 A Call to Prayer from Presiding Bishop Rev. Elizabeth A. Eaton

bishopDuring the week of Veterans Day (Friday, Nov. 11), I invite you to join across this church to pray for service members, veterans, chaplains and their families. Let us pray for an ordered civic life and respect for the dignity and worth of every person. In worship on these days, please remember the impact of family separation and mobility for veterans and those currently serving, many of whom are members of our congregations and communities…[more]


South Carolina Synod: Ministry to Veterans

“Coastal Carolina Ministry to Veterans Program (CCMVP)”

Often we see but, do not comprehend what we are seeing in our churches and communities. The Veterans Administration began offering a program of training for clergy and congregational members to enhance their resources, understanding of Veteran concerns/issues/ and needs in order to encourage networking and cooperative collaboration of ecumenical churches and groups in the many small and suburban congregations across all fifty states in 2014…[more]

Hacksaw Ridge and the Faith of Desmond Doss

desmond_doss_cmh_awardAll military members serving on Okinawa, Japan are provided opportunity to learn about the special place the island holds in our nation’s history. It was the sight of one of the bloodiest and costly battles our nation has ever fought. Many gave their lives in a place hitherto unknown to them.

One of the heroes of the Battle of Okinawa was Desmond T. Doss, the first conscientious objector to be awarded the Medal of Honor for his selfless and heroic deeds…[more]


New Healing CD Gift from a Mission Inspired Congregation for Service Personnel

Music heals souls, calms minds, and relaxes stressed bodies. When you combine music with the Word of God and add other arts, you birth a gift that holistically embraces with healing the wounds of war and military service. That gift is a new CD designed specifically for spiritual and mental healing soon available free from an ELCA congregation of concerned volunteers who want to help veterans, military members, and their families find total wellness. Bethany Lutheran Church in Cherry Hills Village, Colorado formed a group called Operation One Nation Team in 2010 that has never stopped finding new ways to support military veterans, service personnel, and their families…[more]

Prayer Books by Land, Sea, and Air

seaPrayer books keep flowing in from generous congregations for chaplains worldwide. At sea comes a grateful testimonial from an ELCA Navy Chaplain. “Today we had a RAS (Replenishment At Sea) where we come along side of a supply ship that has our mail, and food, supplies, parts, and fuel that we will need to stay out here. They steam along a straight course, we pull alongside and match their speed. Then they shoot over lines, which pull over other lines, which then pull larger lines, and on those we get the fuel hoses that give us more fuel…” [more]  

Drinking buddies recall ‘Operation Paul Bunyan’

2016-08-03-1051-remembering-uss-midwayHistory, current events, weather, hobbies, cars, farm equipment, medical issues – these are some of the topics of discussion among the men of a coffee group that meets on Wednesdays in the Riley (Kansas) Presbyterian Church fellowship hall.

Twenty-seven men of various ages and religious backgrounds attend regularly, with about 14 to 20 there on any given Wednesday.  Because at least half of the “regulars” have served in the Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, or Navy, military events inspire additional discussions…[more]

Many different support to veteran ministries are springing up across the nation among ELCA congregations and synod offices. This website will attempt to recognize these efforts as information is sent to Pastor Scottie Lloyd at PastorScottie@LCOSavior.org .